NDC CARD Agreement

Custom Discount cards for the cost of $2.50 per card on a pre-paid basis
Minimum order of 200 custom cards (receive 50 FREE cards)
Custom card design
2 week delivery time from receipt of approved proof.
1 week delivery (from the time you sign your proof) with $40.00 Rush Fee
(Please allow an additional 6 weeks when requesting new offers.)
Minimum order of 200 cards
Immediate delivery on in-stock cards, 4 week delivery on "new area" cards
___________________________(Organization Name) AGREES:
To provide 60 days notice of any program changes
Not to sell any cards within 1000 feet of any of the establishments on the card
To provide current resale or tax exempt certificate (or pay tax)
PROGRAM OPTION:__________________________________________________________
CONTACT NAME:____________________________________________________________
CONTACT PHONE:___________________________________________________________
CONTACT EMAIL (to send proof):________________________________________________
TREASURER EMAIL(to send invoice):____________________________________________
ORGANIZATION NAME:______________________________________________________
ORGANIZATION PHONE:______________________________________________________
SCHEDULED PROGRAM DATES:_______________________________________________
INITIAL QUANTITY YOU ARE ORDERING______________________________________
ADDRESS WHERE YOU WANT CARDS SHIPPED: (Best not to ship to school)__________
Approved as shown (Signature of authorized organization representative)________________________
ORGANIZATION REPRESENTATIVE (Please Print)_________________________________
NDC Marketing., 2323 S Peninsulla Dr., Daytona Beach., FL 32118
Phone: 800-581-6422 Email:

Purchase 200 cards receive 50 cards FREE

Do I have to get the offers myself?
No, NDC has a list of available offers for each area. You may, however, invite additional
businesses that aren't currently on the list to be added to the website.
This is a nice way to promote your "Partners in Excellence."
Just use the attached information sheet and ad agreement.
There is no cost to the business that is advertising other than whatever they offer or discount they want to give.
What is the minimum order?
Some areas have "Generic Cards" already preprinted and ready to use. If that is the case for your area,
the minimum order can be for as little as 50 cards PREPAID. In other areas only Customized Cards are available.
The minimum order for Custom Cards with your logo and choice of businesses is just 200 cards PREPAID.
What is the Value of these cards?
The average person using these cards will receive $500 or more in savings per year, but the true value is the goodwill your organization generates from the people using the cards.
When sold as a fundraising card, the average selling price is $10-$20,
giving the group an 80% to 100% Profit!
How much do these cards cost?
The cards are just $2.50 each. You may even invite a Sponsor to cover the cost in exchange for a prominant ad on our website.
 NDC has negotiated contracts with thousands of restaurants and businesses both locally and nationally.
NDC Marketing. 800-581-6422 Email:  


How to Order Custom Cards

5. Tell us the date you would like to start your program.
Please allow up to 2 weeks for production and delivery of customized cards.
If you are requesting that we sign up new restaurants or businesses for your program, you should allow an additional 2 weeks.
6. If you need to raise money immediately, you may choose to use our generic cards (where available) which are already printed and ready to go.
7. Provide a copy of your current tax certificate when applicable. If no certificate is provided, please add 6% tax to your order.
8. Include payment with your order. If you need an invoice to give to the treasurer or bookkeeper,
please tell us how many cards you are ordering and if you are paying sales tax, then email your request to:
We do not ship cards without pre-payment. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and Checks.
9. Some organizations have "Partners in Excellence" or parents with businesses.
We can typeset an ad for them at no additonal charge. Simply request an ad agreement from our office,
fill it out, have them sign it, and provide us with a copy of their logo.
10. Give us your contact information, including an email where we can send a proof, a phone number,
and the address where you want the cards shipped. We recommend that you have them shipped to a
home or business since they often get lost at the school, or Fedex tries to deliver after school has closed.
11. Mail or email your order and mail payment to:

NDC Marketing. 2323 S. Peninsula Dr, Daytona Beach, FL 32118
Phone: 800-581-6422 Cell: 863-581-9219
Contact: David Cartin