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Connecting Hotel Guests With 

Local Business 

Change the way your property directs its guest, free up your staff's time and become even more efficient.

Just hand your guests and patrons at check-in a Hotel Guest Discount Card




Hotel Guest Discount Card 

FREE Hotel Guest Discount Cards for your guests

FREE advertising for your hotel 




Most hotels help their guests by recommending one local business over another.  By giving just a few local businesses the exclusive marketing rights to your guests, their advertising costs make it possible for us to provide your hotel with a comprehensive business showcase at no cost to you.

No more waiting months for printed guest directories that tie up your time with graphics, proofs and printingbecause your hotel Guest Discount Card and "BUSINESS SHOWCASEis 90% already completed. We only need to add your hotel, state and cities location and your FREE ad on our website and then add the advertisers for your no cost Hotel Guest Discount Cards.

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