Fundraiser can sale cards on consignment 

or purchase at a discounted rate.

Sample Fundraiser Cards

How To Order Fundraiser Cards

National Discount Club has gone DIGITAL


Discount cards are the easiest fundraiser to do with some of the highest payouts. Some of our customers have made over $10,000 in a very short time using discount cards. Discount cards are simple and fast. There are no orders to take or deliveries to be made.

Discount cards are an excellent choice for organizations that don't want to manage product delivery. Businesses are happy to participate in the fundraiser, because it allows them to support the community while generating new business. Your supporters will enjoy the card, because they receive discounts at their favorite merchants.

  • No product to deliver
  • Businesses love them
  • Supporters love them
  1. Highest profit
  • Discount Card Sales Itself   Each card has 2-for-1 deals and other generous offers representing over $1000.00 worth of savings...  Continuous Discounts for 1 Full Year.

 I am looking forward to meeting with you very soon to arrange for your group to begin raising funds to meet all of their needs.  Thank you!

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