This is Vicky's story: "On March 31, 2017, my life changed, I was diagnosed with BREAST CANCER.  It was a very depressing time.  

My mother had been through it when she was 49, but here I was 20 years later and also 49 years old and facing who knew what.  

But no one knows what a REAL MAN is until he has held you in his arms assuring you that you are going to make it and we are in this together.

David was my angel.  He did everything for me.  He put his business on hold to be with me full time.  Then of course, there was the times David would tell me,

"Vicky, you've got this.  I need you for at least another 30 years, and then he would make me promise that I would stick around for at least that long.  

As time went on we got involved with MAKING STRIDES AGAINST BREAST CANCER.

  At this time David already being the owner of an Advertizing and Fundraising Company

committed his time and business in helping support and raise funds for BREAST CANCER and other local charities.


NDC'S mission is to maintain an active online community that encourages and supports local business owners

for the contributions they make on our local economy and to give back to the local non-profit organizations

that are able to make a tangible and immediate difference to those in need throughout our local neighborhoods.

NDC is a discount card sold by various local non-profits.

When you purchase a card you are not only supporting local businesses and have access to an unlimited amount of discounts;

but you help to raise money for some amazing charities.




* We donate FREE Discount Cards to local Non-Profit Organizations.

25% of ALL advertising from total gross revenue helps us donate FREE cards to Non-Profit Organizations.

For more information and your FREE cards, call David   1- 800 581-6422

Text 863-581-9219 or email cartind@gmail.com